Innovative System for the Knowledge Economy

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The Innovative System is the convergence of Technology, Science, and Models.

Innovation in the ICT industry is essential for economic sustainability and growth for governments. In terms of ICT innovation and capital investment participating governments have been experiencing significant shifts in the fundamental advances to the life-styles of their population. For a growing number of OGP members, the coupling of innovations and capital investment is becoming the primary driving force of a civilization progression. ICT Innovation provisions Knowledge Societies with an Intelligent Agent and Axiological Ontology Wizard for the framework modeling of a country's civilization progression.

Intelligent Agent
Advancing ICT innovation to Web 3.0 is an essential building block for open-data initiatives to become productive tools in the creation and use of knowledge. ICT Innovations must rapidly dissemination information, allow change, and be declarative to survive in this millennium.
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Value Theory
Axiological Psychology provides participating OGP countries with value assessment methodologies that are essential in strengthening their institutions and building capacity.
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Sustainable Models
The Innovative System provides six insights where sustainable models are broken down into senses i.e., sense of place, vitality, resilience, stewardship, collective, and equality.
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