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The Intelligent Agent is a Web 3 Technology that will allow its users to Model, Resource, and Deploy the ICT Sector Strategy.
Survival in this millennium means that ICT Innovations must provide information dissemination without structured processes, change and the ability to rapidly deploy change, and allow for non-programmer types to maintain applications declaratively. The ICT Innovation of Web 3.0 refers to publishing information Semantically as data objects and intended for computers to process information in a manner that is systemic to human understanding. As a result Semantic Web 3 publication makes content search and integration more efficient.

An Intelligent Agent combines innovations of spatiotemporal modeling together with smart query structures to enable interoperability of value reasoning on the machine level. The innovation works by applying Axiological Algorithms and 3D spatial environment rules to Content Aware Objects. Content Aware Objects makes for a user friendly and declarative rapid deployment of any knowledge-based application.

The foremost significant advantage to the Intelligent Agent is an unlimited number of applications may be quickly modeled and rapidly deployed.

Quantum Modeling
Spatiotemporal modeling is inertly dependent on its "Asymptotic Background" that provides the Ontology an Axiological non-paradoxical continuum loop within its environment. In theoretical terms building an intelligent agent is very complex. The primary obstacle is not to avoid a Parodoxical by structured processes using conditional branching but rather assure sustainability within the environment of the model itself.
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Axiological Ontology Wizard
The Axiological Ontology Wizard is used for disseminating, creating, and modifying Models called Axiological Resource Descriptive Frameworks (ARDF). Resource Frameworks can significantly reduce the development time and cost for many applications. For many applications, time is reduced to minutes compaired to months and cost pennies on the hundreds-of-dollars which are common to Rapid Application Development methods.
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Qaaba Cloud is an Intelligent Agent
The Intelligent Agent works by placing an optional selectable computer desktop in the PC's icon-tray. The icon option provides a succinct resourcing of Knowledge-based Domain Repositories with search and retrieval capabilities to all relative PC and Web content. Simply import the ARDF file into the Intelligent Agent. Once imported, run the imported ARDF file and the user is only two mouse clicks away from the content they are engaged.
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