Innovative System for the Knowledge Economy

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Pillar 3: Innovate

Pillar 3 to the Innovative System is a three-phased Innovation mobilization of the ICT Web 3 advancement.
Pillar 3 comes with the spirit of civilization progression through sustainable innovations. Strengthening institutions builds upon the Human-Capital asset of a country which is essential to mobilize the Innovative System Proposition. The mobilization of Innovation propositions OGP participating countries to evaluate its Knowledge Economy participatory status according to the World Bank's Knowledge Assessment Methodology (KAM). The Proposition fast tracks through the 3 part strategem of Model, Resource, and Deploy the KAM's requirements relative to the Innovative System. The proposed Sustainability in Innovation Certification program uses Axiological Value Assessments to determine if organizations, products, and services meet the proposed requirements.

The objective of the Certification is to attract capital investments by directing resources to sustainable products. The proposed fast track is for rapid innovation deployment building cleaner and more sustainable civilizations. The progression of the Innovative System through certified sustainable innovations provides the greatest potential to reach the desired return on investment. Investment may be realized in technologies for communications, transportation, energy, education, ecology, and humanitarian needs.
Phase 1: Model
Innovative System Proposition suggests the ARDFs to include Sustainable Certified Innovations. The ARDF modeling the Sustainabile Innovation Certification project function as product and service suppliers to Knowledge Economy clients. The ARDF modeling targets to enable FDI within open governance, education, healthcare, and social equity.

Phase 2: Resource
The Innovative System Proposition includes provisioning of Web 3 technologies for the economic sector build-outs that will resource the Knowledge Corridor. The Knowledge Corridor provides ARDFs for government and enterprise to model their Web 3 progression.

Phase 3: Deploy
The distribution of Semantic Web 3 technologies into the governance and commerce as the product and servic of the Knowledge Economy Trade. The World Bank's KAM provides the core assessment for a country to be recognized as a Knowledge Economy Participant.

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