Innovative System for the Knowledge Economy

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Pillar 1: Strengthen

Pillar 1 of the Innovative System is a three-phased stratagem to Model, Resource, and Deploy the Strengthening of a country's Institutional Regime.
Strengthening institutions for the Knowledge Economy is based upon realized potential verses unrealized potential of its Knowledge Absorptive Capacity. Axiological valuation of a government or an institutionís realized potential for its Knowledge Absorptive Capacity is essential to determine a country's ability to sustainably identify, assimilate, transform, apply, and disseminate knowledge. Building upon unrealized potential of Knowledge Absorptive Capacity, as a Human-Capital asset, is the result of a strong Axiological base. A strong Axiological base provides the value theory mathematics for a sustainable unified working method that will support rapid deployment of innovation and capital investment. The Innovative System Proposition addresses the implementation of values and ethics within a country's colleges and universities through the Modeling, Resourcing, and Deployment of an Axiological curriculum. In addition, a strong Axiological curricula provides the values and ethics training essential to transparency, social equality, and the fight against corruption.
Phase 1: Model
An Axiological Consultancy is essential to Model the value assessment needs and to assists in institutionalizing value theory mathematics. A list of qualified SME and ACAP Certified Axiological Professionals is available to assist in the training and certification of the Institutional Model.
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Phase 2: Resource
The Innovative System Proposition provides an educational curriculum to institutionalize Axiological Psychology. Qualified institutions will recieve a Certificate of Recognition from the Dr. Robert S. Hartman Institute of Formal and Applied Axiology as an Axiological education provider.
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Phase 3: Deploy
Building capacity through strengthening institutions will require the Axiological Value Assessments for all personnel involved in governance, education, banking, and civil service. The assessment results will provide an Axiological baseline to the realized potential of a country's institutional regime. The Axiological baseline sets the theater for capitalizing Human-Capital as an asset.
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