Innovative System for the Knowledge Economy

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Project Overview

Our Proposition provides a three step strategem to define the three Pillars of an Innovative System. The three parts to the strategem are Model, Resource, and Deploy. The three part strategem transforms each of the three Pillars as the building blocks of the Knowledge Economy Trade. The three Pillars are Strengthen, Capitalize, and Innovate. The Pillars brings focus to rapid deployment of innovation and large capital investment as the methodology for economic growth.
As stakeholders in the Knowledge Economy, we understand many of the challenges that rapid civil and social change brings to cultures and civilizations. At the core of the OGP chalenge is the occurance of a Civilization Progression. Civilization Progression in a natural occurance that follows a significant reduction of complexity resulting in fundamental advances within the life-styles of a population. Such complexity reductions coincide with rapid deployment of innovation and large capital investment. Therefore, we provide an OGP country with an Innovative System Proposition with all the essentials to transitioning from an open-data status to becoming a stakeholder in the emerging Knowledge Economy.

The Innovative System Proposition provides a step-by-step process that provisions a civilization progression occurrence through rapid deployment of sustainable innovations and capital investment. The Innovative System Proposition will provide a three-step program to Model, Resource, and Deploy a sustainable Innovative System designed to Strengthen, Capitalize, and Innovate a qualified country's competitiveness to become a potential World Bank participant in the Knowledge Economy Trade.
Step 1: Model
The strengthening of Institutions begins with building capacity. Strengthening is achieved through providing Axiological assessments and training for professors and organizational leaders from within a country's colleges and universities. Building capacity is achieved through providing SME and ACAP Certifications for Axiological Consultants.
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Step 2: Resource
The Innovative System Proposition builds upon a client country's Knowledge Absorptive Capacity through its institutional regime by providing financial incentives for building upon sustainable innovations in open governance, education, and social equity.
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Step 3: Deploy
The Innovative System Proposition for the emerging Knowledge Economy mobilizes a sustainable Axiological Curiculum. From the deployment of the curiculum results in the building of the Scientific Education Outreach Program.
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